soft black triangle side view

Soft Black Triangulo, 2014, cochineal-dyed handwoven wool on cochineal-dyed silk, 57 x 41 cm.

This piece was woven on a back-strap loom. The wool warp threads were ikat-dyed with cochineal. The woven cloth is sewn onto silk fabric dyed using an arashi shibori technique with cochineal and subsequently stretched onto wooden stretcher bars.

Weaving black fibers into the cloth with ghiordes knots, a Turkish rug making knot, created the central triangular shape. This method of piling produces a volume that projects outward from the woven plane. The triangular shape forms a structure that allows the threads to become progressively longer as they move upward, making the top part of the triangle extend the furthest away from the supporting surface.

The triangular shape evokes pubic hair, while the pinks and reds of the cochineal in the ground evoke flesh and blood. The change in texture and light between the shine of the silk and the warmth of the wool, the pinks, reds and blacks create a soft contrast in tones. This piece is made with delicate materials, but it stands in bold affirmation of the female body and sexuality, as well as of the often-discredited textile crafts relegated to women.



The Last Brucennial, The Bruce High Quality Foundation and Vito Schnabel, New York, N.Y.