CULEBRAS @ Salon Acme 10 with Jeff Marfa Gallery


Guest Projects section curated by Ana Castella

02.09.2023 – 02.12.2023

Opening: February 9th, 2023

Photos by Ramiro Chaves







For Immediate Release: Aurora Pellizzi, CULEBRAS  at Salon Acme No. 10 CMDX

Presented by JEFF MARFA Marfa, TX

Generated from a specifically female embodiment, Aurora Pellizzi’s works; felted, dyed, constructed or woven are both abstract and representational, merging traditional craft techniques with a metaphysical approach to art-making.

In her series The Ritual of the Serpent, created while immersed in the study of indigenous fertility rites, fundamental shapes posture as both sacred vistas and the female anatomy, thwarting our sense of the cosmic order. In these hand-felted works her serpentine geometries conflate femininity and the earth, embodiment and allegory, figure and ground.

Unable to engage in the demanding effort of fabricating weavings during a recent pregnancy, Pellizzi’s new series titled, Mojigangas are constructed in the vernacular tradition of the ready-made. In contrast to her previous works, while making the seven pieces presented here, she embraced the limitations of her physicality, forging a new approach to her practice.

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